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Ticker: CSX
Asset type: Stocks
Last updated: Saturday, March 02, 2024 at 08:00 AM

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How easy it is to trade CSX Corporation

Let’s start with a general overview of the asset to understand how it has performed in the past. This section compares how the traders perform, analyzing those we monitor. The most critical data are the max return from the best trader, how many are profitable, and our score, which measures how much is easy compared to other assets of the same type.

Traders results for CSX Corporation (CSX)
WTT easy score
This indicator expresses how easy it was to trade in the last week

Let’s analyze the details of what happened:

Active Traders
47 of 3840
Traders still trading this asset

How many traders are trading CSX Corporation?

We are maintaining an active watch on 3840 traders and their strategies. On 02-03-2024, 47 traders were found trading CSX Corporation. This suggests the popularity of CSX Corporation as an under-the-radar asset.
All time return
Highest return between our traders

What was the best return trading CSX Corporation?

Among all the traders we have analysed (47), the best return we monitor is 10.3% on CSX Corporation.
Profitable traders
How many are profitable

How many traders are profittable day trading CSX Corporation?

At the moment 8.7% of the traders are creating some profit from their strategies.
Best Trading Strategy
The most effective trading strategy

Which day trading strategy is the most efective for CSX Corporation?

In the last period Momentum has been the most effective trading strategy.

If you don’t know what a trading strategy is, please check the training section(Trading Strategies).

Traders attitude
Traders attitude in the last 7 days

What is the opinion of traders on the value of CSX Corporation?

The current attitude of the investors regarding the asset is risk-on.

Best trading strategy for CSX Corporation (BETA)

In this section, we are going to detail the trading strategy that is currently the most effective. Please refer to the training (trading strategies) section for more information. This strategy is created by analyzing thousands of strategies and combining the best features to form a new, optimized approach. We advise that this new feature is currently in BETA testing phase (Hazel AI system). Please be aware of its experimental nature and potential for unexpected issues or limited functionality.

Strategy Class
Current best
Annual return
Estimated of the annual return
Time scale
Current best
Win Trades
% win trades
Num trades
Trades executed
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Pine script is a system created by TradingView to backtest trading strategies and create custom indicators.


Let’s analyze the details of the strategy: 


Explore the following key trading indicators that can help analyze price movements and guide trading decisions for CSX Corporation.
First indicator

Best lagging indicator for CSX Corporation

 The first indicator is the most important for a strategy; what you find here are the parameters that must be used operationally.

Second indicator

Best leading indicator for CSX Corporation

 The second indicator is also quite important for a strategy; Using two technical indicators in a strategy provides more confirmation and reduces false signals, leading to improved decision-making and potentially higher accuracy in identifying market trends and entry/exit points.

Macro Indicator
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Best macro indicator for CSX Corporation

The third indicator focus on economic, financial, or geopolitical factors that impact asset prices. Fundamental indicators may include interest rates, economic growth, earnings reports, and news events. 

Entry point strategy

Discover potential entry points for CSX Corporation.
Main entry strategy
RSI < 29 and MACD > signal
The current best strategy for entry

Technical indicator entry strategy for CSX Corporation

When combining indicators in a trading strategy for entry points, one approach is to look for convergence or agreement between multiple indicators. For example, if both the moving average crossover and the relative strength index (RSI) indicate a bullish signal, it strengthens the likelihood of a successful trade. This convergence provides more confidence in the entry point and increases the probability of a favorable outcome.

Other entry strategy
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Other entry strategy for CSX Corporation

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Alerts to monitor
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Alerts to monitor for CSX Corporation

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Exit point strategy

Discover potential exit points for CSX Corporation.
Main exit strategy
RSI > 73 and MACD < signal
The current best strategy for exit

Best exit strategy for CSX Corporation

here you can find the detail for Implement an effective exit strategy for CSX Corporation.
Alerts to monitor
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Alerts to monitor for CSX Corporation

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Trading guide for CSX Corporation

WTT score
We will analyze the conditions for the trading of CSX Corporation, focusing on key aspects such as trading ease, price volatility, and the current market trend. CSX Corporation provides a moderate degree of trading ease, warranting consideration. The CSX Corporation is witnessing a sharp increase in value, signaling a bull market. The asset’s price volatility is marked, entailing significant movements. Evaluating all the factors mentioned above, it’s apparent that it is reasonably advised to conduct trades involving CSX Corporation.
– A market characterized by tempered price fluctuations conducive for calculated trades.

– Ascending trends coupled with investor enthusiasm foretell a bountiful market.

– The stronger the uptrend, the harder could be the potential fall.

Trend analysis

This section lists the main factor or risks of trading this product. Like the previous insights, we use data from our traders to analyze the risk factor of the asset. The most crucial point is how many traders are in green; a percentage below 20% indicates an investment that is very difficult to trade. 

Trend analysis for CSX Corporation (CSX)

Market regimes are periods of persistent market conditions. They affect the relevance of investment factors and the success of trading strategies. 

How long the situation will stay similar for CSX Corporation?

Within this section, we analyze the likelihood of market conditions enduring for CSX Corporation.Market sentiment at the moment can be characterized as risk on. Over the past few weeks, the market has experienced an oscillation of 0.33 points, exhibiting a upward trend over 37902 periods. The market appears to be in a persistent phase. The market has shown relatively stable price movements, highlighting upward momentum that may present profitable investment opportunities.
How long is lasting?
80 Days
The number of days this trend is lasting

How long this trend is lasting for CSX Corporation?

Alerts and risk factors

These are factors that can potentially change the perception of the stock. These factors can lead to a change in the regime. Please refer to the training section for more information.

Risk factor 1

Headline Risk
Type: News

What is the main risk factor for CSX Corporation?

Risk factor 2

Reputation risk
Type: News

What is the second most important factor for CSX Corporation?

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