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This is a special version of our platform that can be integrated into a production trading system using our API. This version is specifically designed for funds, family offices, university researchers and institutional traders.

WaysToTrade Premium makes data-informed investing

Understand how the traders are performing

We show you traders' past performance, accuracy, and results for each stock they are trading

Detailed strategies

We give you all the details (indicators, stop loss, etc) to recreate the strategies in your trading platform.

Alert system

Get unlimited premium email updates for stocks on your watchlist, so you never miss when some conditions have started to change

Logic in plain English

Trading rules in plain English so you can understand how the strategy works

Weekly reports

Every Monday you will receive a new fresh email from WTT with the latest insights.


Access our internal network of traders and discover the mood between traders.

Unique data-driven platform

Discover detailed trading strategies from top daily traders, gain valuable insights into the reasons behind stock movements through concise explanations, and stay informed with essential email updates for stocks on your watchlist with our comprehensive service for comparing the best trading strategies.

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