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Who we are

Ways to Trade (WTT) is a first-rate AI company that provides a wide range of insights and analysis for people looking to improve their trading abilities. Our patent-pending approach analyses more than 500 traders in real-time and uses AI to extract insights and strategies on trade. 

Ways to Trade is the perfect destination for traders looking to gather useful information and make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of trading, learning from others’ mistakes and optimizing trading strategies based on what works best.

The story behind

We created ways to Trade (WTT) trying to solve one of the most challenging problems: how to learn trading without learning from personal experience and expensive mistakes. We know traders frequently protect their trading tactics, making it difficult for them to share knowledge. We want to be the first to not only share strategies in full detail but strategies that can be useful even for professional traders.

We smoothly interact with MT4 and MT5 platforms with our custom plugin to get detailed data from traders, using AI to collect and organize strategies from all different traders. Our cutting-edge AI technology, Pine, processes this data by analyzing and standardizing the data from many platforms.

The information displayed on our site is based on the insights produced by Pine. With WTT, traders can access detailed strategies with indicators, trade histories, risk profiles, and market trends.WTT distinguishes itself by emphasizing community and cooperation. We offer a friendly setting where traders can share knowledge without disclosing confidential tactics. Our goal is to make the trading experience less harrowing experience and shorter the time for traders to become profitable.

Our team works between Dubai and New York
HAZEL, our proprietary AI platform

A unique approach to AI in Trading

Our unique approach is simple: instead of using AI to predict the future, we use AI to process thousands of trading information to understand what work and why. With the help of our talented development staff, WTT has created our tech stack from the ground up. We use a real-time system that automatically evaluates each trader’s strategies without the need for traders to explain what they are doing. We can do this thanks to our proprietary AI platform, Rainbow system.

WTT distinguishes itself as an industry leader because of our dedication to creating cutting-edge AI technologies, as well as our unparalleled server connections and sophisticated analysis. We take great satisfaction in providing investors with unrivalled information and possibilities for success in the fast-paced financial industry.

Work with us

We constantly expand our team in Dubai (Commercial branch) and New York (Research and Development). Developing safe and beneficial AI systems requires people from various disciplines and backgrounds. We’re always looking for curious minds to join our team. Please send your CV in the contact-us section.

Our new office in NY
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